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Key tips to keep in mind in order to get the most out of your sessions

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Mentorship can often resemble dating - it's not always a perfect match!

Thankfully, we've assembled a few practical tips and questions to help you develop a strong relationship with your mentor and make the most of your sessions together.

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1. Come prepared

This is your time to ask all the questions you've been dying to ask! Prepare yourself in advance by jotting down some notes and any questions you may have to guide and structure the conversation. Your mentor will have received your intro message and any work you may have linked to, so they'll already have an idea of your expectations. Remember, Mentorly is here to support you should you need an extra hand in getting started. Don't hesitate to contact us if that's the case.

2. Take lots of notes

This almost goes without saying! A lot can be said in an hour-long session, so be sure you have a trusty pen and paper on standby. Hold onto these notes should you like to rebook a session with the same mentor.

3. Keep introductions short and dive right in

Even though you have up to an hour to talk, you'll want to make the most of your time together. We suggest you take at most 5 minutes to introduce yourselves then jump right into the meat of the conversation. A handy way to transition is to lay out a clear agenda of conversation points and questions to discuss. It also helps to prioritize your questions. Your mentor may have already done this, but don't be shy to let them know if they're not quite on the mark. This way, you can make sure you're on the same page from the onset and if not, pivot if necessary.

4. Be flexible, patient, and respectful

Going into your session, you may have set expectations or a list of items you absolutely want to discuss with your mentor. While this means you're well prepared and eager to learn, remember that your mentor is meeting you for the first time and needs to get a feel for what you're ultimately looking to gain. This may take a little flexibility and patience on your part. Remember, your mentor is there to help you, so being respectful will go a long way to helping you experience a positive session and achieve your goals.

5. End on a high note

Towards the end of your session, a friendly countdown will appear to indicate the amount of time you have to wrap things up. If you've had a great session, say it! Feedback is really important both for yourself and your mentor. Don't be shy to let your mentor know how you feel the session went and in which ways they can improve. Definitely provide some positive feedback and words of encouragement as well. If you'd like to follow up with them down the line, let them know!

6. Book a follow-up session

Like your mentor? Book a follow-up session. This would be a great way for your mentor to have an idea of your progress and for you to ask any follow-up questions during your next appointment.

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