You may wonder, with all the different video conferencing platforms out there, why use yet another one?

Simply put, Mentorly is a dedicated solution that supports and structures all of your mentorship needs, well beyond a video call with your mentee. It also enables your Program Manager to better support you throughout the program.

As a mentor, you can do all of the following actions on Mentorly, streamlining your mentorship experience from start to finish, leaving the logistics up to us!

Smart Matching
Public Mentor Profiles
Calendar Syncing
Chat & Messaging with File Sharing
Video Conferencing
Email & In-App Notifications

Mentorly also provides helpful resources in the form of articles, such as this one, and live-hosted product tours (upon request) to ensure you have all the information you need to connect in a meaningful way with your mentee(s).


As a mentor, your main objective is to have mentees to book a session with you, but we need to get you set up properly first!

Below are the steps you should follow to optimize your experience on Mentorly.

① Sign Up

Whether your Program Manager invited you or you signed up yourself, you'll need to complete the brief sign up form and review and check our Terms & Conditions and Privacy before proceeding to the next step.

Add Availability

To get bookings as a mentor, you need to make yourself available. That means adding available time slots to your profile and keeping them up-to-date a few weeks at a time. That way, mentees can book with you right away. If you don't update your availability, mentees can nudge you to add some, which directly notifies you by email. More details here.

💡 You'll always get to accept or decline a booking request when it is made.

📣 Mentees are able to message you without making a book request if they have any questions.

📣 Mentees are able to request a specific date and time to book a session you.

③ Review Booking Message and Prep

To review and accept or decline session bookings, head to your Sessions page. You must be logged into your account to see your session(s) and inbox thread(s).

Upon booking, your mentee left you a message that should provide insight into their reasons for wanting to speak to you. They may have left you a file, an agenda or questions to review as well, in preparation for your session together.

You are not expected to do lots of prep work prior to holding your session, but should be familiar with your mentee's needs. If this is unclear from the booking message, we encourage you to reach out to them via Messaging.

⚠️ Note: Your mentoring availability appears in your time zone based on your computer settings. i.e. A mentor in California who has a 10am PST session available, can be booked by a mentee in Montreal, who will see the time of the session as 1pm EST.

④ Join Your Session

Your session is around the corner? You will receive an email notification reminding you to get ready and inviting you to your Sessions page where you can view all future, past and cancelled sessions.

Find your upcoming booking, which you can join 10-minutes prior to it starting. The Join call button will activate once you're able to join the call. Read further on how to join your session.

You will be prompted to test your audio & video settings prior to your session starting, like so:

The above image indicates that the camera is properly connected and that the mic is properly set and the audio meter (green bar) is fluctuating.

Hold Your Session

There are a few key things to know about Mentorly sessions.

Be mindful of the time: Sessions have a 30 or 60-minute countdown. The video conferencing window will automatically close once time is up, so keep an eye out for the ⏰ in the top left corner.

Screen sharing: As with similar video conferencing systems, screen sharing is enabled to allow you to share your screen with your mentee.

Chat: At the top right corner of the session window, you can see the participants on the call along with access to the chat function called "Discussion".

Note:💡 All chats during sessions are automatically saved to your inbox thread between you and your mentee and whoever else was on the call with you.

Flag: Use this function to notify the Mentorly team of an unpleasant call and we will promptly follow up!

⑥ Keep in Touch

Check in with your mentees from time to time! They may have want to update you on progress, ask a few follow up questions or discuss holding a new session altogether. You can do all of this via your Mentorly Inbox, which will notify you whenever you have a new message.


If you need help with anything on Mentorly, reach out to us either at support@mentorly.co or by chatting with us live on Intercom, the little message bubble below.

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