As a Mentorly client, you have access to a customizable portal ie. a landing page, that enables you to relay program information and showcase your mentors, all with the look and feel of your organization.

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Here's the design layout of the landing page, as a reference:

Below are the requirements for customizing your very own landing page based on the example above!


The following can be set up in your Dashboard > Program > Design:

1. *Title: Name of your program
2. *Tagline: A brief, one-sentence description of your program's objective

3. *About Text: A longer form description of your program

Note: Items with asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.


1. *Background Color: Used as the principal color throughout the portal. i.e.: blue

2. *Accent Color: Used to accent certain calls to action i.e.: Get Started Button (set to same blue in example above)

3. *Font Name: Select a google font for the bulk of the page content

4. Title Front Name: Select a google font for the title of your program

Note: You can live view the design of your portal as you go.


1. *Header/Footer Logo: Only upload a white or black logo for your business with transparent background in PNG or SVG format.

2. *Page Logo: Upload a full colour version of your business logo with white or transparent background in PNG or SVG format.

3. Banner Image(s): You are welcome to upload one or multiple image to be placed at the top right corner of the landing page, right of the Project Title. If one image is uploaded, the image window will remain static. Uploading additional images will automatically activate a carousel, so that there's a rotation of images that are shown. Ideal resolution: 768 x 375 at 200 ppi.
4. Partner(s): If you have any partners or sponsors, please provide black OR color logos with transparent background in PNG or SVG format.

5. Favicon: This is an icon associated with a URL that is variously displayed, as in a browser's address bar or next to the site name in a bookmark list; we recommend 24px x 24px in a format of .ico, .png, or .gif.

6. Default profile image: This image will show if the members themselves do not upload their own profile picture; we recommend 250px x 250px in a format of .jpg if image, or .gif/.png if using illustration.

Note: To view your portal landing page, you can click View site, to the left of the design page:

For questions, please contact support@mentorly.co or get in touch via Intercom, the little message bubble below:

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