Great news! With our recent updates, all mentors now have a revamped Dashboard -- a centralized place to access and participate in your mentorship program.

Whether you were invited via email, or were asked to sign up via a portal landing page of your program:

① You'll arrive at the Profile section, where you'll fill out this onboarding form:

⚠️ Note: see this stellar mentor profile as a standard to aim for!

When you're done click Update, you're also able to View profile:

And see what mentees would see, ie. your public mentor profile:

② The next thing to do is to add some Availabilities:

Once mentees are on your profile and see your availabilities, they can request to book a session with you:

And you'll get an email notification:

③ Which takes you to your Sessions, where you can accept or decline their booking request:

If you decline a booking request, the mentee will be notified, and the session does not make it into your Dashboard.

If you accept a booking request, the mentee will be notified, and both of you will receive an email to confirm the booking -- and you can add it to your iCal/Google/Yahoo/Outlook calendar -- as well as seeing it under Sessions > Future:

If something unforeseen comes up and you need to cancel, you'll able to do so by clicking on the 3 dots on the session:

If you were to cancel, you must provide a reason:

And the mentee will be notified by email. Then the session will show under Sessions > Cancelled:

On the day of the session, you'll be able to join your session up to 10 min before it, where you'll be prompted to test your setup to ensure a smooth session.

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