Great news! With our recent updates, all mentees have a revamped Dashboard -- a centralized place to access and participate in your mentorship program. 🎉

Whether you were invited via email, or were asked to sign up via a portal landing page of your program:

① You'll arrive at the Profile section, where you'll fill out this form:

⚠️ Note: the Description and Skills fields are not being shown on the public mentee profile at the moment as we're in the process of designing/re-designing this page; please leverage the Welcome Message field to showcase your mentee profile for now:

When you're done, click Update. Then you can View profile:

And see what other mentors and mentees would see, ie. your public mentee profile:

② The next thing to do is to browse mentors:

Once you're on a mentor's profile, and if you'd like to book an one-on-one session with them, click on the Book individual session button:

⚠️ Note: if the mentor is also offering group sessions, click on Book group sessions and follow the instructions here.

Then choose session length (which can be 30-min or 60-min or another duration depending on what your program is set up to offer), then choose date:

Then choose time:

Or if none of their dates and times work for you, you can Suggest another time, once it's checked, you'll see all dates and all times open up on the calendar for you to choose:

Finally, write a brief message or agenda to the mentor as to why you'd like to book a session with them, and click Confirm:

Then, sit back and wait for the mentor to approve or decline your request. Either way, you'll be notified by email of their decision.

Or, if you don't want to send them a booking request just yet because you have some questions, you can also Send a message to the mentor without booking with them:

③ Once your booking request is accepted, you'll get a confirmation email with a link to add the booked session to a calendar of your choice (iCal, Google, Yahoo, Outlook). Also, you can view your upcoming booked sessions in your Dashboard > Sessions > Future:

If something unforeseen comes up and you need to cancel, you'll able to do so by clicking on the 3 dots on the session:

If you were to cancel, you must provide a reason:

And the mentor will be notified by email. Then the session will show under Sessions > Cancelled:

Similarly, if the mentor needs to cancel a booked session with you, you will be notified by email. And that session will also end up in Cancelled.

On the day of the session, you'll be able to join your session up to 10 min before it, where you'll also be prompted to test your setup to ensure a smooth session.

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