There are a few ways to showcase the mentors on your portal landing page:

Go to your Program Manager Dashboard > Members > click on an individual mentor, scroll down; each mentor has the following options:

✅ Checking the Mentor box would indicate that this member is a mentor; otherwise they’re a mentee.

✅ Checking the Approved Mentor box would mean this mentor will show on the Mentors page:

⚠️ Note: Otherwise they will not be shown on the Mentors page, which is useful when the mentor wants to take a break from mentoring. Thus, unchecking the Approved Mentor would hide their profile, which means they won't be solicited by mentees. And when the mentor is ready to come back, simply recheck the Approved Mentor box and their profile will be unhidden.

✅ Checking the Allow Group Sessions box will allow the mentor to offer masterclass group sessions.

✅ Checking the Featured Mentor (AND ✅ checking Approved Mentor) would mean this mentor will show on both the Mentors page and on the portal home landing page:

⚠️ Note: This is useful when you have dozens or hundreds of mentors, and you want to keep the portal home landing page short and concise, to only feature a number of mentors but not all hundreds. The default display on desktop is 4 mentors per row, however it is responsive on mobile which may show 3, 2, or 1 mentor per row depending on the width of the mobile device.

✅ Checking Featured Mentor (but NOT ❌ checking Approved Mentor) then that mentor will not show in either places.

⚠️ Note: This is useful when a mentor's sessions data needs to be kept but the mentor is not currently active in a program/group.

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