It's important to communicate with your mentor or mentee throughout your mentorship journey:

  • Before the session: share links to websites, portfolios, any documents you want reviewed, or files/images/folders, and to give them some context about your situation.

  • During the session: jot down any notes and ideas that come up, using the DISCUSSION feature. And all messages and files shared during the session will be saved here to your Messaging tab:

  • After the session: follow up and prep for the next sessions.

And you can do so with the Messaging feature on your Dashboard:

⚠️ Note: your Messaging will be empty unless:

  • a message thread has been created between a mentee and mentor who have a booking together

  • your Program Manager wrote you via Messaging, in which case you'll see a message thread created between you and your Program Manager.

① To reply

Simply click on the person's name you want to chat with, and start writing your message in the area indicated below:

Press Enter on your keyboard to send the message or click on this icon:

② To send an attachment

Click on the paperclip icon:

Select the file you want to send from your computer, and click Open:

And you'll see the attached file sent:

③ To initiate a message

If you want to message someone that you haven't spoken to yet, you can do so on their public mentor or mentee profile:

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