Group sessions are when multiple attendees join a session hosted by a mentor. Attendees can be mentors or mentees.

If you have access to group sessions within your program, this article tells you how to book one with a chosen mentor and invite your teammates and/or classmates to join it as well.

If a mentor has been assigned to you or your team/class/group, or, you would like to hold a session with a chosen mentor and invite teammates to it, this is when you should book a group session with a mentor. To do so, follow the steps below. (To book an individual session, follow Step 2 of this article.)

⚠️ Note: Only one person in your team/class/group needs to book the session with the mentor. All other teammates will get the invite link afterwards.

Together, choose a mentor that you and your teammates want to book with and agree on a time that suits most if not all. Once you're on the mentor's public profile, click on the Book group session button:

Then follow the prompt. And it would be a good idea to align with your teammates on these following details before booking the group session with the mentor.

Choose your session length, the date:

And time of your group session:

Be sure to leave a detailed booking message, ideal for helping the mentor prepare for their session with you and friends; and click Confirm:

Once the mentor accepts your group session, you will get an email notification. (If the mentor declines your group session request, you will also get an email notification).

Now, share the group session link with your teammates. We're working on finishing up in-app sharing of this conference link, but for now, you can:

→ Head to your external email

→ Find your Session Confirmation email
Forward to anyone on your team with a Mentorly account

As long as your teammates have a Mentorly account within your program, they will be able to join your group session booking.

⚠️ Note: Since one person made the session booking, that person alone will be able to view the group booking on their Personal Dashboard > Sessions > Future:

All other attendees on the call will have to click the link in the forwarded notification email to join the group session. Here is where and how to join the group session.

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