As a Program Manager, you're able to create sessions that contain multiple participants. These are useful for roundtable discussions, networking events, or topic-specific meetings, to promote engagement amongst program members.

To create a multi-person session, head to your Program Dashboard > Sessions page > click on "+ Create a session":

Multi-person sessions can be private or public:

A private group session only allows the invited Guests to see the join the session:

⚠️ Note: all invited Guests are by default attending the session; coming soon: invited Guests will be able to accept or decline the invite.

Whereas as a public masterclass allows anyone in the program to see the masterclass session (on the Mentor/Host's profile page) and join the session.

Once the session is created, you can see it on the Sessions page, and clicking on the session allows you to head to the session page, share it, message participants, or cancel it:

This is how it will look on the Mentor/Host's profile page, if it's a masterclass:

⚠️ Note: participants must have a Mentorly account in order to join a masterclass or group session. It's possible to join the session 10 minute before the start time:

It's a good idea to share with participants this article on how to join a session.

Mentors can also create their own masterclasses, if you allow them to do so.

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