As a mentor, your main objective is to have mentees book a session with you. This means you'll need to add available time slots to your Dashboard > Availabilities and keep them up-to-date a few weeks at a time.

⚠️ Note: If you don't have an external calendar (eg. Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal Apple Calendar, Yahoo, etc.) or have one but don't want to sync it with Mentorly, you can also add availabilities manually. (⚠️ Please do EITHER ONLY the manual way, OR the calendar sync way, but NOT both ⚠️)


Go to your Google calendar, beside Other calendars, click on "+" and select Create new calendar.

We suggest naming the calendar "Mentoring Times" or something similar.

After your calendar has been created, at the bottom of your screen, click on Configure to return to your Google calendar view. Find the Mentoring Times calendar you just created, click on the 3 dots, followed by Settings and sharing.

Scroll down towards the bottom to secret address in ical format and copy the URL.

⚠️ Note: make sure the URL ends in .ics

Outlook Calendars:

Begin by adding a new calendar for your Mentorly availability:

Next, access your Outlook settings.

Select your Mentorly availability calendar and 'publish' it - then copy the ICS url.

Then, log into your Dashboard from your program's portal landing page:

Go to your Personal dashboard > Availabilities > click on Sync calendar on the top-right corner:

Paste into the Calendar URL (which needs to end in .ics) field and click Save:

⚠️ Note: Once an external calendar URL is synced, you will NOT be able to manually add/edit/remove your availabilities. In other words, you can ONLY update your calendar one way (adding available ranges manually) or the other (ie.. this, syncing with an external calendar, way), but not both.

Go back to your Google calendar, create a few entries (ie. your mentoring availability) on the "Mentoring Times" calendar, and click Save:

⚠️ Note: Repeating availability with your synced calendar is not currently available.

⚠️ Note: To un-sync a calendar -- because you may want to add availability manually instead, click on Calendar synced on the top-right corner:

And click Unsync:

Lastly, to view that your availabilities are correctly and successfully added, click View profile:

This is what the mentees will see, ie. your mentor public profile. Click Book individual session:

And you should see your available slots in either 15-min, 30-min, 60-min (or another duration) sessions:

And there you have it!

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