As a mentor, you're able to create masterclass-like group sessions on topics that you're passionate about to share your knowledge and expertise with others!

Masterclasses are when multiple participants join a session as a group. Participants can be mentors and/or mentees within your program.

To create a group session, go to your Personal Dashboard > Sessions > Create a session:

Fill out the necessary fields:

⚠️ Note: * = mandatory

Title*: Choose a subject or theme for your group session

Describe the objective of your masterclass*: Provide details and context for your group session

Guests: you're able to invite specific people to your masterclass if you want to, to leave it blank; either way, anyone in your program should be able to register to your masterclass if they wish to

Minimum participants*: Indicate the minimum number of participants needed for this group session to be held

  • if left blank, it will default to 1

Maximum participants*: the maximum number of participants allowed in this particular group session you're creating; ⚠️ note: the host counts as 1 participant

  • if left blank; it will default to 40

Start time*: Choose a date then time; your time zone is set to your computer/browser settings

Duration*: Choose the length of your session in hour(s) and minutes

Then click Create session. And you should see a pop-up green message on the bottom-left corner of the screen saying "Created!"

Now, you'll be directed back to your Sessions page, and you should see under Future > the group session you just created (if you have other upcoming sessions, they will show in chronological order):

Then, click on View profile on the left-hand side of the screen, and you should see all of your Upcoming group sessions on your public profile page:

⚠️ Note: As the host of the group session, it will say "You are attending!" by default. However, you don't need to attend the video session as the host, participants are able to attend group sessions without the host joining.

You can have members register for your group session on that profile page, then click on View group session. Or, back on your Personal dashboard > Sessions > Future, you can also click on the URL icon and share it with your program members in an email, or in a Message.

The URL goes to the group session public page:

When a participant has already registered for the group session, it will show as this:

Otherwise, they can register for the group session by clicking on Join:

Once participants start registering to your group session, you will get email notifications; and on your Sessions page, the participants' names will start showing up:

If you need to Edit or Cancel your group session, click on the 3 dots:

You can then Edit your group session:

Or Cancel your group session:

And once it's time to join your group session, follow the instructions here.

It's also a good idea to share this article with participants on how to join a group session.

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