If your program requires members to be separated into different groups (or rosters, pods, departments, categories, etc.), you can use the group tagging feature to achieve this.

In your Program Manager Dashboard, go to Members > Tag Groups > click on "+ Create tag group" button:

Name your tag (and check or uncheck Public and Filtering according to this article)

Once you have all of the group tags created, in the Add user field, start typing in a member's name:

⚠️ Note: It is possible for a member to be in more than one group tag. However, if you want to disable this function and allow members to be in one group tag only, it's possible too. Please contact your Success Advisor or support@mentorly.co to indicate your preference.

To remove a member from a group, simply click on the x:

You can also edit the group tag's name:

And see all group tags collapsed or open:

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