If your program requires matching a mentor with a mentee, go to your Program Manager Dashboard > Members > Matching > click on the "+ Create match" button:

Click on "Add mentor" > start typing a mentor's name > choose the person from drop-down list:

Click on "Add mentee" > start typing a name > choose the person from drop-down list:

⚠️ Note: the mentee here -- for the purpose of matching -- can be a mentee or mentor.

Click on "Create match" and you'll see the 1-on-1 match you've just created:

By default, all manual matches are active as soon as they're created, meaning, they will be shown to the matched pair in their personal Dashboard.

You can also deactivate or delete the match by clicking on the 3-dots of the match:

Deactivate the match when: you don't want to show the match to the members anymore but want to keep the match for later.

Delete the match when: you don't want to show the match to the members and no longer need the match for later. Or if you wanted to "edit" a previously made match, simply delete the match and create a new one.

Both deactivating and deleting the match will remove the match on the Mentor Dashboard and Mentee Dashboard. Otherwise, this is what they will see on their Dashboard.

In the Status column, you can also simply click on the "Active" or "Inactive" bubble to toggle the active/deactivate the match:

It's also possible to batch-select the matches on the page and change all of their matching statuses:

You can also create multiple 1-on-1 matches per member; for example, Ryan the mentor has been matched with different mentees:

Similarly the reverse is possible too, where a mentee can have many options of mentors. This means you're providing the mentee with many matching options of different mentors to choose from.

But it doesn’t create any sort of “group matching” in both cases. It just means that each user matched with the mentor/mentee will individually show in the matching page of the personal dashboard.

To see a particular member's own matches (whether they're a mentor or a mentee), simply click on their name:

And you can also activate, deactivate, and delete their matches directly on this page:

Once you have the matches created, you can sort the list the following ways:

By default, the list will show the newest matches first.

⚠️ Note: all manually created matches show a Score of N/A. The Score is used for the Smart Matching and Matching Recommendations feature -- coming soon.

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