Step 1: Enable a matching type

As a program manager, you have the control to enable smart matching at any time during the program.

Simply head over to the Program tab on your Program Dashboard and scroll down - you will need to make sure the boxes for Smart Matching is checked.

What's the difference between Smart and Manual matching?

Smart matching generates compatibility scores between each mentee and each mentor. This gives you a wide variety of matches to review and activate.

Manual matching allows for the Program Manager to create specific matches, regardless of a compatibility score.

Good to know: Once either Smart or Manual matching is enabled, the Matches tab will appear on the mentor/mentee's personal dashboard, and they will have access to the matching questionnaire.

Step 2: Run the matching algorithm

When you're ready to run the matching, head over to your Members tab and click on 'Matches'. From here, click the 'run matching' button and let Mentorly's matching algorithm do the work!

Step 3: Review the results

Once you've run matching, a series of results will be displayed that show the compatibility scores between each mentor and each mentee.

These scores are determined by the responses to the matching questionnaire - each question has a weighted answer, which earn the pairing compatibility points.

Good to know: As some responses allow for multiple answers, there is no 'perfect score' of compatibility. The score is completely unique between the specific mentor and mentee.

The results will generate a score between each mentee and each mentor - so you may see quite a few results depending on the size of your program.

You can filter through the results by searching for specific members in the search bar and sorting by descending or ascending.

When searching by specific members, you'll be shown all scores associated with that specific member.

Step 4: Activate your matches

When you're ready to confirm matches, you will need to set the match to 'active' in order for the mentor/mentee to see the match in their Personal Dashboard.

You can do this by clicking the Inactive button in the Status column for an individual pairing. If you have several matches you want to activate at once, simply check every corresponding box and change the status to Activate.

When a match is marked as active, the mentor and mentee will receive an email to alert them that they've been matched.

Good to know: At any point in the program, you can always deactivate any matches by clicking on the Active button in the Status column for an individual pairing, or checking the corresponding boxes on multiple pairings and changing the status.

Step 5: Create manual matches (optional)

If you've enabled Manual Matching on your Program tab, then you will have access to create a match. This is helpful if you already know which mentees and mentors you want to be matched!

Click the 'Create a Match' button, select your mentor and your mentee and hit the green 'create match' button.

Good to know: If a match is manually created, then it is Activated right away and the mentor/mentee will receive an email notification.

A mentor/mentee's perspective

If Smart Matching is enabled before a user has onboarded, then the matching questionnaire will be a part of their Onboarding progress.

At the top of their Personal Dashboard, they will be able to see whether they've completed the questionnaire. To access the questionnaire, they can simply click on this progress box.

When a mentor or mentee has been matched with another, they will receive an email notification and the match will appear in their Matches tab. From here, they will have full access to the member's profile and be able to send them a message directly, and for mentees, they will be able to book with their mentor.

For more information on the mentor or mentee's experience, check out this article that outlines each step on how to explore their Matches.

Have any questions or need any assistance?

Not to worry, we're here to help!

If you have a designated MSA, simply reach out to them via email with any questions or concerns you may have. If you don't have an MSA, reach out to Mentorly's support team by emailing or chat with us on Intercom!

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