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Adding Availability: Importing an external calendar
Adding Availability: Importing an external calendar
Here's how to import an external calendar to your Mentorly availability.
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Your program may have the calendar import function enabled on your Availabilities tab.

Don't have the 'Import Calendar' button on your Availabilities tab? No worries! That just means you'll need to manually add your availability - here's how

Good to know: Our calendar import feature supports iCal, Google Cal and Outlook calendars.

1. Add a new calendar

When syncing an external calendar to Mentorly, it must be a completely brand new calendar that is created specifically for your availability with Mentorly. It cannot be an existing calendar.

From your personal calendar (iCal, GoogleCal or Outlook), create and customize your Mentorly calendar - we recommend giving it a title such as 'Mentoring Availability' or something similar.

2. Add your events

On your new Mentoring calendar, begin adding blocks of time where you are available for a mentee to book with you.

These blocks of time that you create are for your availability and not for blocked-off time when you are busy.

Good to know: Each block of time must be created individually - any events that are set to 'recurring' or 'repeating' will not be synced through to Mentorly.

3. Access your shareable link

Once you are ready to import your calendar to Mentorly, you'll need to access your external calendar's shareable link.

This link is called an .ICS link and can typically be found in the Settings for your calendar - the link will end with .ics

Good to know: Syncing your calendar on Mentorly will only work with a '.ics' link.

4. Access your Availabilities tab on your Mentorly personal dashboard

From your Mentorly dashboard, access your Availabilities tab and click 'import calendar' in the upper right corner.

Paste your new calendar's .ics link and hit save.

Good to know: Not seeing your availability after hitting save? Just hit refresh and you should be good to go.

Have any questions or need any assistance?

Not to worry, we’re here to help!

You can contact the Mentorly support team by going to the Help tab found on your personal dashboard and clicking Go to Live Chat.

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