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Enhance Your "About US" section with HTML Formatting

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We understand the importance of clear and organized communication between mentors and mentees.

That's why we've introduced the ability to format text in the portal using basic HTML codes. This feature allows you to make your messages more engaging and structured. Below, we'll walk you through how to format text with HTML codes and provide examples:

  • Bold Text:
    You can make your text bold by enclosing it in <b></b> or <strong></strong> tags. Here's an example:

    <b>bold text</b>

  • Italic Text:

    To italicize your text, use <i></i> or <em></em> tags. Here's an example:

    <i>italic text</i>

  • Underlined Text:
    You can underline text by using the <u></u> tag. Here's an example:

    <u>underlined text</u>

  • Hyperlinks:
    To add a hyperlink, use the <a></a> tag with the href attribute to specify the URL. Here's an example:

    Visit our website <a href="">Mentorly</a>.

  • Bullet Points:
    To create a list with bullet points, use the <ul></ul> (unordered list) and <li></li> (list item) tags. Here's an example:

    <ul> <li>First item</li> <li>Second item</li> <li>Third item</li> </ul>

Incorporate these HTML formatting options to elevate your communication and create an even more enriching mentoring experience.

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