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Conversation prompts and questions
Conversation prompts and questions

Here are some helpful questions or conversation prompts to help you establish a good connection with your mentor!

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You're ready to book with a mentor and start getting mentorship - but where to begin? Consider this list of helpful questions or conversations to help guide your first and subsequent sessions with your mentor.

  • Tell me about yourself and your professional journey.

  • What are your areas of expertise and which subjects would you like to avoid discussing during our sessions?

  • As my mentor, what expectations do you have of me, of our sessions together?

  • How often would you be available to mentor?

  • Based on what I've told you about my work, do you see any weaknesses or potential problems?

  • Do you have feedback on my work?

  • What important lessons have you learned along your professional path that can help me potentially avoid the same mistakes and obstacles?

  • What are the realities of my market, positive and negative, that I should be aware of?

  • Do you have insecurities? If so, how do you keep them at bay?

  • When I'm negotiating with a supplier or potential client, what should I keep in mind?

  • When you're in a conflict with someone, what do you find is the best way to resolve the situation to mitigate discomfort and potential setbacks?

  • Which resources do you recommend I look into?

  • Do you have feedback regarding our session together?

  • Can I send you files or notes along the way to prepare our next sessions together?

  • What's your next availability?

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