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Mentorly Enterprise - General FAQ
Mentorly Enterprise - General FAQ

General questions about Mentorly Enterprise

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Is Mentorly for me?
If you’re looking to set up a mentorship program or support an existing one with ease, efficiency, and insight into its success, then yes! Mentorly’s for you!

How does Mentorly work?
Mentorly was designed as a cloud-based turnkey digital mentorship solution that features a manager portal, seamless user onboarding, user dashboard, mentee and mentor profiles, matchmaking, browsing, booking, video calls, chat and inbox, insightful engagement stats and more!

Whether you’re looking to connect your team or a large network, Mentorly is your solution to centralize all mentorship processes and exchanges and benefit from our team’s expertise and assistance along the way.

Request a demo for a tour of Mentorly and get all of your burning questions answered.

Do I need to be a developer to use Mentorly?
You don’t have to be a developer to use Mentorly! We’ve designed Mentorly so that you can easily manage and track your own mentorship program(s) while benefiting from our customer service and technical support. We’ve also created handy product tutorials that will assist you in managing your program and users.

A dedicated Success Manager is available for Mentorly Pro and Enterprise plans. They will assist you in setting up your program(s), manage pairings, and provide insightful tips and tricks to help you ensure the success of your program(s).

I want to set up a mentorship program but how should I start?
Setting up a successful mentorship program requires a few elements. We recommend starting with the most important part, setting your program objectives, requirements, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

- What is the objective of my program?

- Who will be managing this program with access to the Manager Portal?

- Which mentors do I want to involve in the program?

- What kind of mentorship do I want to provide for my people?

- What is expected of each mentor in terms of time commitment?

- How often are mentees and mentors expected to connect?

Next, you’ll want to gather a good group of mentors and inform them of your program objectives. Once they have confirmed their participation and availability, it’s time to onboard them onto the platform.

Then you’ll want to either invite a select group of mentees to the platform or cast an open invitation. Mentorly then provides matches or recommendations of mentors to each depending on your objectives.

Along the way, it is crucial to be clear about your program objectives and expectations so that the experience for each participant is frictionless and has a lasting impact.

How long does it take to launch a program?

Mentorly can launch your custom branded portal within a few weeks time. We recommend staggering onboarding to ensure that mentors have completed profiles and availability before mentees are onboarded to create their own.

How much control will I have over my program?

As Program Manager with access to the Manager Portal, you will be able to onboard and tag users, track sign-ups and sessions, along with message users individually or as a group.

You will also be able to upload your own documentation and resources, such as a Mentor Contract, Mentoring Tips, Program Guidelines, etc.

What kind of support can I expect from Mentorly?

Mentorly prides itself on its friendly and highly-responsive technical and client support. You can find out more by visiting our Pricing page.

A dedicated Success Manager is available for Mentorly Pro and Enterprise plans. They will assist you in setting up your program(s), manage pairings, and provide insightful tips and tricks to help you ensure the success of your program(s).

How does Mentorly work with our system?
Mentorly offers integration with several social login services (Google GSuite, Facebook, LinkedIn), as well many calendaring services, such as iCal, Outlook + Outlook Pro, Google Cal, Yahoo Cal and Calendly. We can also integrate with existing HRIS systems, contact us for more information.

Which devices does Mentorly work on?
We recommend holding sessions on a computer in a quiet environment with a reliable Internet connection. You’ll need an up-to-date browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.) and a working webcam, as sessions are held by video conference on the platform itself.

In which countries can I purchase Mentorly?
Teams and Pro Clients can currently purchase Mentorly in any English and French-speaking countries that are supported by Stripe, our third-party payment provider. Clients interested in in-app user billing will require Stripe Connect, which is not supported in every country. To find out if your country is supported, click here.

Which languages does Mentorly support?
For Teams and Pro Clients, English and French are supported. Our Enterprise Plan offers multilingual support. To know more, please contact

What supporting materials are provided by Mentorly?
We’ve created a whole collection of materials to ensure the success of your program which are available for all pricing plans. These include but are not limited to Mentoring Tips for mentors, Session Tips for mentees, Mentee Code of Conduct, Mentor Contract, Product Tutorials, and webinars. We also have a blog with insightful articles on the benefits of mentorship in the workplace and in schools.

We are continually updating this content to provide you with the latest expertise and insights into the best mentorship practices.

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