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Mentorly Enterprise - Payment FAQ
Mentorly Enterprise - Payment FAQ

Payment questions about Mentorly Enterprise

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How will my subscription be charged and is it automatically renewed?
Your subscription will be billed and charged monthly, annually or by quarter via Electronic Transfer, Check, or Stripe, our third-party payment processor which requires a valid credit card, such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay. No additional fees, processing or otherwise, will be charged.

If you want to set up an alternate method of payment, a 3% convenience fee will be charged on the total billable amount.

If your payment is declined, refused or otherwise rejected, we will provide you with a written notice pursuant to which you will have 14 days to update your payment information and/or pay for the fees that are due. If you do not do so within 14 days, you agree that we may suspend Mentorly's services until the fees are paid in full, along with any interests.

Can I set up charges through Mentorly?
We enable our clients to capture payment and issue payment via their manager portal in the case a participation fee is collected from mentees, or sessions are paid between users and a percentage is, in turn, taken by the client. This way, clients can finance their mentorship program(s) and/or benefit from in-app billing flexibility for users.

How can I update my payment information?
We’ve set up automatic billing and charging through Stripe that knows when your payment method is no longer valid. You will be directly notified to update this information by email prior to its expiration.

Should you like to switch payment methods, please contact us.

What do I do if I want to cancel my subscription?

Monthly Plans: Unless indicated otherwise in an order form, Monthly Plans refer to no-commitment month-to-month subscriptions. You may terminate the order form at any time for Monthly Plans. We just need you to give us a 30 days’ notice. Also, if you do not want us to invoice you for the next month, you must provide us with this notice 30 days before the next billing cycle, otherwise, you will be charged for the services for the entire billing cycle even if you terminated the order form. Here’s an example: If you cancel on June 15th, the cancellation is effective on July 15th. This means you will pay for the entire month of July, because you didn’t cancel 30 days before this billing cycle. However, you will not pay for August, because you cancelled 30 days before this billing cycle.

Annual Plans: Either party may terminate an order form for cause if the other party has committed a material breach of our Terms of Services and following a written notice providing details to this effect, has not cured this material breach within thirty (30) days. If we terminate because of your material breach, we will not reimburse the fees. If you terminate because of our material breach, we will reimburse the Fees in proportion of the remaining days in the annual plan.

Read our Terms of Services for more information.

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