Are you a new Program Manager and looking to get to know everything the Mentorly platform has to offer before you launch your program? You're in the right place!

The following article will outline every tab of the Program Dashboard and highlight any opportunities to customize your program.

Your Program Dashboard

Your Program Dashboard will be your main hub for managing your program. It will give you access on designing and customizing the program, managing the members, tracking sessions and viewing reporting data.

Home tab:

The Home tab, pictured above, is your one-stop overview of the program. It will give you a quick glance at your mentors and mentees and where they are in their User Progress.

Once sessions are underway, it will display a chart for Program Activity and generate the Ratings & Reviews of your members.

Program tab:

The Program tab is where you begin to start designing and customizing your program to suit your needs.

On the Info tab, you can start defining your program by giving it a title, tagline and description in the about text.

Good to know: This information will be viewable on your program's website, which you can view after hitting save by clicking View Website on the left-side menu of the Dashboard.

Good to know: The Info tab is also where you can adjust the customisable settings for your program. More information on those settings can be found in this article about Setting up your Program.

On the Design tab, you can customize the colours and font of your program's website to reflect your own brand or style guide. As you update the colours, the example on the right will update in real-time to give you a preview.

The Design tab also allows you to upload a variety of images to your program: partner logos, program images, and default profile image!

⭐For Enterprise clients, you have the option to upload a header/footer logo as well.

The Cohorts & Tags tab is where you are able to build custom grouping for your members. You can pre-create groups, otherwise wait until after Members have signed up (more information in this article).

Members tab:

Your Members tab is where you'll be able to manage all the members in your program.

You can filter to view only mentors or mentees (or all), their selected industry, their user progress and their tags (if any).

By clicking on the three dots on the right-side of the screen, you can view their profile, send them a message or delete them from the program.

You can also view and edit specific members profiles by simply clicking on their name.

From the Members tab, you will also be able to run matching, if applicable to your program. For more information on matching, please see this article.

For more information on how to upload or invite members to your program, check out this article.

Sessions tab:

The Sessions tab will give you a monthly, weekly or daily overview of sessions being held within the program.

The types of sessions are colour-coded:

  • Yellow: 1:1 sessions between a mentee and mentor

  • Green: Masterclasses hosted by a mentor

  • Blue: Private group sessions

As a program manager, you have the ability to create private group sessions or public masterclasses between members in the program, by clicking the Create a group session button.

Messaging tab:

The Messaging tab allows you to reach out to individual members or groups of members within your program.

This is a helpful tool to ask about sessions or share news and files - it keeps all the communication in one place on the platform!

Resources tab:

The Resources tab will bring you to our collection of Help Center articles designed for our Program Managers. There are articles that detail the entire Program experience, from A to Z for your reference.

Good to know: Mentorly's Help Center is also where you can find articles that chronicle the mentor or mentee's journey during a program as well. If you're curious, check it out!

Reporting tab:

The Reporting tab is your in-depth data source, providing key engagement information about your program.

This includes data collected about number of sessions, mentee adoption rate, repeat session rate, activity per month and other miscellaneous data on user behaviour. The Activity tab located at the top offer an even more in depth look at your program's engagement.

Good to know: We offer downloadable CSV files of data collected for Bookings and Members, which you can download by clicking on the buttons in the upper right corner.

What's next?

Projected timeline:

When getting ready to start your program, reach out to your MSA or Mentorly's support team to discuss a projected timeline for your program. The timeline should include completing your program set up, onboarding your members, matching (if necessary) and start date of sessions. This timeline helps us be there for you when you need it!

Mentor/Mentee experience:

Now that you're familiar with the Program Dashboard as a Program Manager, it might be helpful to understand the Personal Dashboard from a mentor or mentee point of view.

We recommend adding yourself to the program (from the Members tab) as either a mentor and mentee to explore what Mentorly has to offer members of your program.

⭐ For Pro and Enterprise plans with an MSA, we offer a one-hour live demo that helps introduce the platform to your members. Alternatively, we can provide a demo recording instead. Speak with your MSA to find what works best for you.

Ready to start setting up your program?

Check out this article that outlines the key pre-program steps to kicking off your mentorship program

If you have a dedicated MSA, please reach out to them for assistance or any questions you may have.

If you don't have an MSA, no worries! Simply reach out to our dedicated Support Team via Intercom or emailing

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