Once your members having either been invited or signed up, it's time to start looking at ways you can manage your program while it's ongoing.

Smart Matching:

If you've chosen to run matching for your program, you have the control to run the algorithm at any time.

For best results, we strongly recommend you run the matching when the majority of your mentors and mentees are Onboarded, as this means they will have completed their matching questionnaire.

You can check on the status of your members by verifying the User Progress chart on the Home tab.

Run matching:

When you're ready to run the matching, head over to your Members tab and click on 'Matches'. From here, click the 'run matching' button and let Mentorly's matching algorithm do the work!

Once you've run matching, a series of results will be displayed that show the compatibility scores between each mentor and each mentee.

These scores are determined by the responses to the matching questionnaire - each question has a weighted answer, which earn the pairing compatibility points.

The results will generate a score between each mentee and each mentor - so you may see quite a few results depending on the size of your program.

You can filter through the results by searching for specific members in the search bar and sorting by descending or ascending.

When searching by specific members, you'll be shown all scores associated with that specific member.

When you're ready to confirm matches, you will need to set the match to 'active' in order for the mentor/mentee to see the match in their Personal Dashboard. You can do this by clicking the Inactive button in the Status column for an individual pairing.

If you have several matches you want to activate at once, simply check every corresponding box and change the status to Activate.

When a match is marked as active, the mentor and mentee will receive an email to alert them that they've been matched, and the match will appear in their personal dashboards.

Good to know: Another way to view matching results per member is heading over to the Members tab, and either searching their name or clicking their avatar. From here, click on Matching and you'll see all the inactive and active matches, compatibility scores for that member. From this screen, you have the functionality to create new matches, change the status of active or inactive matches, or simply review the results.

Good to know: At any point in the program, you can always deactivate any matches by clicking on the Active button in the Status column for an individual pairing, or checking the corresponding boxes on multiple pairings and changing the status.

Good to know: As some responses allow for multiple answers, there is no 'perfect score' of compatibility. The score is completely unique between the specific mentor and mentee.

Manual matching:

If you've enabled Manual Matching on your Program tab, then you will have access to create a match. This is helpful if you already know which mentees and mentors you want to be matched!

Click the 'Create a Match' button, select your mentor and your mentee and hit the green 'create match' button.

When a match is manually created, it is automatically set to active, so members will receive an email notification right away.

From a mentor/mentee perspective: For more information on the mentor or mentee's experience, check out this article that outlines each step on how to explore their Matches.


Whether your members have been matched up or you're allowing them to book 'a la carte', let the sessions begin!

To generate enthusiasm and boost momentum among your members, we recommend communicating to your program when sessions are set to begin.

As a Program Manager, you can track all sessions that are taking place in your program, via a calendar overview on your Sessions tab.

The types of sessions are colour-coded:

  • Yellow: 1:1 sessions between a mentee and mentor

  • Green: Masterclasses hosted by a mentor

  • Blue: Private group sessions

Create a session:

As a program manager, you have the ability to create either a private group session or public masterclass for your members.

By clicking the create a session button, it will prompt you to select a group session or masterclass, then fill out the form. Once saved, invited members will receive an email notification.

Tracking engagement:

Once sessions get underway, you can use the Reporting tab to track the engagement levels of your program.

There are various different ways of determining engagement levels: mentee adoption rate, repeated sessions per mentor, or just sessions monthly overview. Find what works for you and your program's needs!

Noticing low engagement? No worries, there's a lot of different strategies that you can take to help boost these levels.

If you have an MSA, reach out to them for an engagement strategy call. If you don't have an MSA, reach out to Mentorly's support team for some friendly advice and tips. We're here for your success!

Ratings and Reviews:

When members have video sessions, they're prompted with a Ratings and Reviews screen at the end of their call. While these reviews are not shared with the other mentor/mentee being reviewed, Program Managers have access.

To view, just head over to your Home tab and scroll down.

What's next?

If you're thinking about expanding your program, reach out to your MSA or Mentorly's support team for assistance!

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