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These are the crucial steps and details to complete before onboarding members to your program.

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Mentorly offers a wide variety of ways in which you can customize your mentorship program to suit the needs of your mentors and mentees. Before inviting members, be sure to complete all the crucial and key steps in setting up your program.

Good to know: This article will guide you through all the steps needed, but as always, please reach out to your dedicated MSA for assistance or contact Mentorly's support team if you have any questions!

Let's get started! 🎉

Designing your portal:

From your Program Dashboard, head on over to the Program tab - this is where all design decisions for your portal will take place.

It's important to customize your portal to represent your mentorship program and your company's branding or style guide.

Consider the following when designing your portal:

  • Include a solid description that includes any motives or goals behind the mentorship program

  • Customize the colours according to your company's branding or style guide

  • Upload program images and partner logos

Good to know: The text fields under the Program tab are HTML-friendly.

Good to know: You can click on View website at the top-right of your Program Dashboard any time to see what your portal looks like.


The URL for your portal will be your

For Enterprise programs: If you're a white-label Enterprise, you're able to create a custom URL without Mentorly's domain. Please let your MSA know what URL you would like for your program and we'll take it from there!

If you're on the Teams or Pro plan, talk to your MSA or Mentorly sales rep to find out how to have a custom URL.


Sectors/industries and areas of expertise are a series of options from which a mentor and mentee can choose from when creating their profiles.

This list can be customized to best represent the demographic of your program.

You can create your list of sectors/industries by going to the program tab and clicking on the sectors/industries section.

Good to know: Once members begin filling out their profile, it's strongly recommended not to modify the sectors/industries, as it affects members' profiles.

Transactional Emails

Throughout the program, your members will be notified via email for things like new messages and session requests.

By default, these transactional emails have Mentorly's branding in the header and the footer, however this will be customized by Mentorly's CS team to suit your program's style guide.

For Enterprise programs: If you're on the Enterprise plan, then the text of each transactional email is also customizable. Ask your MSA for a copy of all transactional emails and let us know what changes you would like to make.

If you're on the Teams or Pro plan, talk to your MSA or Mentorly sales rep to find out how to have customizable email content.

Making decisions for your program

There are a few pre-program key decisions to make to shape your program according to your needs.

Head over to your Program tab and scroll down to the bottom.

Matching type

You have the choice between leveraging matching for your program, or only allowing for a more 'à la carte' style.

À la carte is the most flexible option for the members of your program. It allows mentees and mentors to book sessions with any mentor they would like in the program.

Smart matching generates compatibility scores between each mentee and each mentor. This gives you a wide variety of matches to review and activate.

Manual matching allows for the Program Manager to create specific matches, regardless of a compatibility score.

By default, smart matching is enabled for all new programs. This means, all members will need to fill out their matching questionnaire during onboarding.

Your MSA or Mentorly Support Team will include the matching questionnaire for review in your pre-program set up steps.

Pro and Enterprise programs allow for new questions to be added to the matching questionnaire, however Teams programs can only remove questions or modify possible answers. Please reach out to your MSA or Mentorly support team for any modifications.

Allowed session types

Group sessions are when mentees book a session with a mentor, where they can invite others to the session. These are private sessions where only the invited guests can join the session.

Masterclasses allow mentors to create/host a group session in which they are the host and lead the discussion or presentation. These are public and featured events, which anyone in the program can attend.

Length of sessions:

You can choose whether your members can meet for 30-minute sessions, 60-minute sessions, or both.

Max sessions

If you want to limit the amount of sessions a user can book or the amount of sessions a mentor, you can specify the amount for each.

What's next?

Once your program has been set up, it's time to start inviting members.

Have questions or need assistance?

Not to worry, we’re here to help!

If you have a designated MSA, simply reach out to them via email with any questions or concerns you may have.

If you do not have an MSA, contact the Mentorly support team by going to the Help tab found on your personal dashboard and clicking Go to Live Chat.

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