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How to Optimize Mentorship Program Success with Smart Matching
How to Optimize Mentorship Program Success with Smart Matching

Find out what program members are struggling with the most and Mentorly's solution!

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👋 Hi!

🎵 "Summer's here and the time is right to go racing"... to success with your mentorship programs!

We're back at it with another newsletter for the month of June: This month, we're sharing the feedback we've heard from our users in mentorship programs to help ensure that your programs are set up for success.

If you could use some new processes to hire and retain talent, you're invited to our Lunch and Learn on June 21st.

Matchmaking: The key to mentorship

The Mentorly team recently surveyed our users that are in mentorship programs to learn about the biggest challenges they face with mentorship.

Responses showed that 27% of program members said that finding the right mentor or the right fit was a huge obstacle when seeking or offering mentorship.

The great news? Mentorly has the solution! 🤩

Our Smart Matching and matching insights can help you make educated and data-supported matches - giving you the confidence that you're helping your program members get the most out of mentorship.

When you activate a match on Mentorly, it also gives both direct access to one another's profiles, where they can start messaging right away and book sessions together!

What's more is that by activating a match, an automatic email is sent to both the mentor and mentee to let them know they have a new match to check out - so there's less for you to do as a program manager!

Ready to create new matches?

If you already have matches made for your program, consider creating more matches. It only takes less than a minute for each match you make!

For best engagement results and success, we recommend 1-3 mentor matches per mentee of your program.

If you haven't opted for matching in your program yet, no worries - your Mentorly Success Advisor or Mentorly Support team is here to help you set up! To learn more about our Smart Matching, check out this article.

Join our Lunch and Learn!

We host learning sessions for our community so that our Program Managers can keep upskilling and growing. This month, you’re invited to…

The Downturn: How Talent Organizations are Responding” with Ashley Werhun, CEO of Mentorly and a special guest, Samantha Bateman (She/Her), Director of Talent Acquisition and founder of Integria.

In this Lunch & Learn session you will:

  • Get a perspective on today's market

  • Learn how to hire and retain talent in a talent-favored market

  • Understand how companies can win with strategic flexibility

📆 Come Lunch with us on June 21st @ 12pm EST.

Reserve your spot here, and we'll send you more information!

For even more mentorship content, follow us on Linkedin where we share all the latest updates and celebrate our programs' successes.

Want to talk more engagement strategies for your program? Check out our last few month's engagement tips or contact your MSA to set up a meeting! We're here for your success.

Happy Mentorship! 💛

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