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Mentorly: The Best Fit for Mentorship
Mentorly: The Best Fit for Mentorship

We have everything you need for mentorship, all in one place! Find out why Mentorly is integral to your mentorship experience.

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Welcome to Mentorly!

We're a dedicated solution that supports and structures all of your mentorship needs - Mentorly has everything you need for mentorship, all in one place!

On top of that, we also enable your Program Manager to better support you throughout the program, so your mentorship needs are met and fulfilled.

Let's dive into everything that Mentorly has to offer you, your program manager, and mentorship in general!

Mentorship: Anywhere, anytime!

As we continue to move into a remote-friendly world, Mentorly is all about making mentorship accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We know that schedules can be busy and can change on a dime - which is why we allow Mentors to be in full control of the availability they have for mentoring. From the Calendar tab on their own personal dashboard, mentors can edit, add or delete time slots whenever they need to, according to their schedules, or they can integrate their existing calendar (Outlook) so that they only have one calendar to manage on a daily basis.

When it's time to attend a session, a mentee or mentor has to look no further than their Sessions tab - where they join a video conference call that's hosted on the Mentorly platform. Online sessions offers the opportunity to join from anywhere in the world - as long as you have good internet connection.

In a video call or from your personal dashboard, you can message your mentor or mentee at any time. The best part is no matter where you message them from, all of your messages are synced in one discussion thread - so no need to chase down any stray messages!

From calendars to video calls, Mentorly makes it easy for mentorship to be flexible and convenient so that mentors and mentees can meet online at a time that suits them best.

Beyond the 'Watercooler'

Whether your program is hosted by your company or organization, mentorship is all about making connections with long-lasting impact and learning the most effective methods of growth and progress.

That's why Mentorly makes it easy for mentors and mentees to meet other beyond their usual circle of connections, whether that be fellow colleagues in the cubicles beside them or around the office watercooler, or familiar faces at networking conferences.

Program Managers can create matches based on the compatibility between a mentor and a mentee - your best compatibility match for mentorship may be someone you've never met before, but thanks to Mentorly's Smart Matching, that connection is made for you!

With each program's Mentors page, mentees have even more flexibility and opportunity to explore all mentors available to them through the program. Searching by keywords, filtering by sector or industry - all the tools you need to find a mentor that suits you and your mentorship needs!

This system of virtual mentorship that Mentorly enables and supports can open up new possibilities, connections and fresh perspectives for mentors and mentees alike.

Approachability and Accessibility

Seeking mentorship is no easy task - it can be a daunting or overwhelming experience for anyone. That's why Mentorly believes that easing those anxieties is often the first step in benefiting from a mentorship program.

Before booking a session, not only can mentees review a mentor's profile to learn more about them and their experience, but they can also choose to message with their mentor. By making the mentor accessible, this helps breaks the ice of that first initial meeting.

Allowing mentors to set their own availability for mentoring, this creates a welcoming and open space for a mentee to book a session, without feeling like they're intruding on a mentor's busy schedule.

Mentorly's platform is designed for encouraging approachable mentorship - our tools are geared towards making that possible, whether it be viewing a profile, sending a message or booking a session from available timeslots.

Approachability and accessibility inspires trust, which are all necessary elements between a mentor and mentee for an authentic mentoring relationship.

Expertise at your fingertips

At Mentorly, we’re the experts on mentorship - and we’re sharing everything we know so that you can be too!

Our curated Help Center has all the articles you need to succeed. Not only do we have articles that guide you through using Mentorly, we have articles that offer helpful suggestions about getting the most out of mentorship, how to set an agenda for a session, and our best tips for mentors and mentees.

Program Managers: helping them, help you

Creating and managing a mentorship program is more complex than you'd think, but Mentorly makes it easy!

By using Mentorly's platform, program managers can customize and manage their mentorship program from A to Z, all in the goal of making it the most beneficial experience for mentors and mentees.

From Smart Matching to mentee-led mentor sessions, program managers can rest easy from all the hassle that comes from creating matches and scheduling sessions. With all the time they save, they can focus on the results and impact of the program - making sure mentors and mentees are getting all the benefits of mentorship.

Not only can they easily manage all members from their own dashboard, but with a click of a button, program managers can message members of a program, to either share information, resources or helpful tips.

When sessions are booked on Mentorly, program managers have access to all the data and reporting to help track and manage engagement.

A program manager's job is to curate and manage their mentorship program, and Mentorly's tools and platform empowers and sets them up for success. When a program or program manager is successful, it has a chain reaction for mentors and mentees - everyone benefits!

Ready to get your mentorship journey started?

Check out this article on how to set up your profile and what your next steps are.

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