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Featuring mentors and setting up masterclasses or group sessions.
Featuring mentors and setting up masterclasses or group sessions.

A Guide to Maximizing Mentorly's Potential!

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Spring is in full swing and with summer right around the corner, the Customer Success team is excited to launch our very first edition of our new monthly newsletter! 🎉

Every month, we'll deliver our best tips and tricks for boosting or maintaining engagement with your programs - all designed for you and your program members to get the most out of Mentorly!

Feature your mentors! 🤩

The mentors of any program are the true key of success - their experience, knowledge and guidance are what mentees are most often looking for in mentorship.

When a program is ‘a la carte’, it can be easy for mentors to get lost in the crowd, and even easier for mentees to miss opportunities with a mentor that might be a perfect fit.

Your program’s landing page offers a great opportunity to showcase mentors of your program, and allows mentees to find mentors more quickly. The best part is that you can choose who to feature on your landing page - and you can change this at any time!

Here are the quick and easy steps to feature mentors on your landing page - this should take just a few minutes!

  1. From the Program Dashboard, go to your Members tab.

  2. Select the mentor you want to feature.

  3. Scroll down, check the box that says ‘Featured’, and hit save!

Good to know: You can feature up to 8 mentors at a time.

Learn more about inviting members to your program.

The more the merrier! 🙌

Whether you’re launching a new program, discussing a common topic or breaking the ice, sometimes multi-people sessions are the way to go - and Mentorly has your back!

As Program Managers, you have the ability to create Masterclasses or Group Sessions in your program.

What’s the difference?

A Masterclass is a mentor-led presentation about a given topic. The session is public, meaning anyone who is a member of the program can reserve a spot.

Group sessions are multi-person sessions sharing a discussion about a given topic. These sessions are private, therefore only those invited to the group session are able to join the video call.

🧐 Which session type is best?

Masterclasses are a great way to spotlight a specific mentor, capitalize on a mentor’s limited available time and get more mentees engaged at once.

Group sessions are a perfect opportunity to offer peer-to-peer mentorship or organize ice-breaker conversations.

Creating a group session:

It takes only two minutes to create either a Masterclass or Group Session as a program manager - here’s how:

  1. From your Program Dashboard, go to your Sessions tab.

  2. Click on ‘Create a Session’

  3. Choose between either Masterclass or Group session, and fill out the details of title, the host of the session, description, and date and time, and invite participants.

Once the session is created, all participants will receive an email to notify them, and it will appear on their sessions tab.

Whether you choose to create Masterclasses or Group Sessions, both types of sessions offer a chance to program members to meet in a group setting - creating connections and alleviating the possible anxiety of 1:1 mentorship with someone they’re less familiar with.

Want to learn more about Masterclasses or Group Sessions? Check out our article about Managing your program.

Want to talk more engagement strategies for your program? Contact your MSA to set up a meeting! We're here for your success.

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