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Get More Session Bookings as a Mentor!
Get More Session Bookings as a Mentor!

Get more bookings this year! 💫

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Been asking yourself: "Where my bookings at?!"

With hundreds of sessions unfolding around the world - 22 countries to be exact! - mentees are loving their Mentorly experience, learning from you and growing their skills and confidence. And they're itching for more!

Read up below on how to maximize your impact and get more bookings!

Surefire ways to increase your impact and joy through mentorship

1. Create a Strong Profile
Curate your profile with a strong profile image and gallery, and don't skimp on your profile description! Talk about your career experience and expertise, why you want to mentor, and how you can best help mentees.

Here is an example of a golden-standard mentor profile to aim for:

2. Reassess Your Pricing
Know someone who wants to book with you regularly but your tier price may be set a little high? We can adjust your rate so that you remain more affordable. This could make a world of difference for your mentees and dramatically increase your bookings.

3. Make Yourself Available
Though we LOVE our "Request to book" button, it's much easier for mentees to book with you when you have times up. We know it's difficult to foresee your availabilities months, even weeks ahead of time, but adding up a few hours each month will streamline the booking process, or sync your google or outlook calendar! If ever you have to cancel a booking due to a scheduling conflict, mentees will simply rebook - and we follow up to make sure they do!

4. Spread the Word
Talk about Mentorly on your social channels and better yet, in person. Mentors who have had multiple sessions keep their audience up to date and let them know that they are taking on new mentees. Link to your Mentorly profile URL on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, website and portfolio, and personally invite curious mentees to book with you! We will look for your Mentorly shoutouts and share them on our social channels.

5. Encourage Rebooking
Our most active mentors set up clear goals with their mentees and request for them to rebook in order to check back in after a month of hard work. Not only does this enable you to see their progress but they feel supported along the way. A win-win situation!

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