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Browsing and Booking with Mentors
Browsing and Booking with Mentors

Here's how to browse and book with mentors.

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Once your profile is complete, you're ready for the next step - browsing and booking with our Mentorly mentors!

1. Browse mentors

You can access all available mentors by clicking on 'Mentors' at the top of your screen.

From here, you can choose to browse all mentors, or filter them based on sector / industry to find someone to suit your specific interests. If you know the name of the mentor you want to book with, or other keywords, simply type it into the search bar!

2. View a mentor's profile

Think you found a mentor that interests you? You can click on 'View profile' to learn more about them, their skills and experience.

Good to know: If you're not sure if a mentor is the right fit for you, you can always send them a message before requesting to book. Click 'send a message to [Mentor name]' from the list under their photos.

3. Review the session rates and cancellation policy.

Mentor's are responsible for setting their own session rates and cancellation policies, so these will vary between mentors. Before booking a session, we recommend you review the rates and policies of your selected mentor.

From the mentor's profile, click the 'book session' button. This is where you will see the mentor's session rates and their cancellation policy.

Good to know: You can learn more about the specifics of the chosen cancellation policy by clicking on the tool tip, or by referring to the following chart:

4. Booking a session

Once you've found a mentor that you'd like to meet with, the next step is booking a session!

Click on the 'book session' button on the mentor's profile.

If the mentor has availability, those dates will be bolded. If no dates are bolded or the times provided don't work for you, please click 'Suggest another time'.

Select your date, your time, and you must include a booking message before confirming your request. The booking message should include why you want to meet with the mentor and mention the topics you wish to discuss - that way your mentor can best prepare for the session.

Good to note: Sessions are not automatically confirmed, you will get an email when it's confirmed by your mentor.

5. View your session

Once your mentor has accepted your session request, you can see your future session under the Sessions tab of your Dashboard.

The join call button will become active within ten minutes of the session's start time.

To cancel a session, click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the booking. Please keep in mind that the mentor will have a specific cancellation policy which is viewable on their profile.

5. Message your mentor

You can start chatting with your mentor by either clicking 'view discussion' on your individual session, or by accessing your Messaging tab.

The discussion or message thread with your mentor will be active before, during and after your session. Any messages sent during the video session will be synced to your thread - so all communication will stay in one place!

Good to note: You can also send attachments to your mentor by clicking the paper clip icon beside the text box.

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