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Joining your Video Call session
Joining your Video Call session

Where and how to join your video call session and basic troubleshooting tips.

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You can view your session history and join your upcoming sessions by accessing your Sessions tab on the left hand side of your dashboard.

For best results, we recommend joining your video session using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

The Join call button below will activate 10 minutes prior to your session starting.

Joining your call

When joining your call, make sure your browser is allowing access to your camera and microphone. If you have multiple devices for your microphone or camera, you can select which to allow from the drop-down menu.

During your video session:

You can control your microphone, camera, sharing your screen and other settings by the settings bar at the bottom of your screen.

The micro-phone icon is to control your mic.

The camera icon is to turn your camera on/off.

You can test your audio and view your camera info by clicking on the arrows above the icons.

The screensharing icon is to start/stop sharing your screen.

The hand icon is to raise/lower hand.

You can send reactions by clicking on the arrow above the hand icon

The tile icon is to adjust the view of your video session.

The performance icon is for adjusting performance settings for laggy video.

The grid icon is to adjust to full screen or minimize full screen mode.

The three dots icon gives you access to all the settings.

The red phone icon is to end the session.


You can chat with your mentee or mentor by clicking on the message bubble icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

You can report a call to Mentorly or reach out to our support team in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Breakout Rooms:

As moderators in video sessions, mentors can create breakout rooms during the sessions. They can create as many breakout rooms as needed and send users to separate rooms. The mentor also has the option to join & delete the rooms, as well as remove an individual from a room.

Here’s how:

  1. A user needs to raise their hand by clicking on the hand icon. The moderator can raise their own hand as well.

  2. Click on the yellow hand icon at the top of the video session

  3. A tab on the right-hand side of the session will appear with all the participants. Click on Add breakout room to add rooms as needed.

  4. Once the moderator has created the breakout rooms, they can hover over the participant's name and click on the three dots beside their name to send the user to the desired breakout room. The moderator can also search by the participant's name in the Search Participants box.

To send the participants back to the main room, hover next to the user's name and click on the three dots beside their name, then click on "Send participants to".

To delete a breakout room:

Hover next to the breakout room you would like to remove. Three dots will appear next to it and click on remove.

Good to know: The mentor is set as a moderator by default but can give moderator rights as well.

Good to know: A moderator can also join a breakout room by hovering over the breakout room they wish to join and can click on Join.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • Allow access to your microphone/camera by accessing your permission settings of your browser.

  • Close down any other program, app and/or browser that might be using your camera or microphone.

  • If your microphone/camera are internal (like on a laptop), please head to your System Preferences and ensure your microphone input/output are properly set. (Mac or PC instructions)

  • If you are using a private work laptop, your company may have restricted your permission settings: it is best to join your video session via a personal laptop.

After your video session:

Once you end the call at the end of your video session, you will be prompted to leave a rating and review for either your mentor or mentee, and the platform. These ratings and reviews are only visible to your Program Manager and Mentorly's support team.

Have any questions or need any assistance?

Not to worry, we’re here to help!

You can contact the Mentorly support team by going to the Help tab found on your personal dashboard and clicking Go to Live Chat.

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