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Monthly Program Manager Tips!
New updates to better manage your mentorship programs.
New updates to better manage your mentorship programs.
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We have some exciting updates this month!

From a new way to sort the members of your program, to introducing breakout rooms in our video sessions - Mentorly has what you need to better manage your mentorship programs.

Members: A new way to sort

This past month, we've made a small update to our Members tab that has a big impact: sorting the members list by Newest First.

From the Members tab on your Program Dashboard, you'll notice a new filtering option in the top right corner.

You can choose to sort the list of Members by Newest or Oldest First, or the default setting of sorting alphabetically by Name.

Sorting by newest members first is incredibly helpful for programs that have constant sign ups throughout the month - or for members who are little bit slower to sign up after being invited!

You can see who's recently signed up, make sure they're onboarded, matched and ready to go!

Breakout Rooms

With our group sessions and Masterclasses, Mentorly makes it easy to set up a multi-person video session.

We've taken those multi-person sessions to the next level: Breakout rooms.

Breakout rooms allow the moderator to create sub-groups within the session that are then given their separate room to meet and discuss, before rejoining the main call.

In a multi-person session, clicking on the 'raise hand' icon will allow the moderator to create and assign breakout rooms for the session's participants.

For more information on how to create breakout rooms, please see this article about our Video Call Features.

Did you know? Program Managers always have the power to create a group session or Masterclass.

Learn more about all our updates here.

Add another Program Manager to the mix!

We know that managing a mentorship program can be challenging work, even when Mentorly is there to help make it easier - sometimes all you need is an extra pair of hands.

The number of Program Managers you're allotted is determined by your plan, but did you know you can add an additional Program Manager seat for just $75/month?

If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to your Mentorly Success Advisor or Mentorly's support team!

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