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Add availability, pricing and cancellation policy
Add availability, pricing and cancellation policy

Here are all the steps you need to add your availability for sessions and other Mentor settings.

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Once your profile is set up and has been approved, the next steps are adjusting your Mentor-specific settings.

Update your Pricing

From the Payments tab, you can set and update your sessions rates. Enter an individual rate for one-hour sessions, and your 30-minute sessions rate will be adjusted to 60% of your hourly rate.

As a mentor, you are able to book with other mentors too. This is where you can update your payment information to ensure payment to the mentors you book with.

Good to know: You can update or change this information at any time.

Set your Cancellation Policy

From your Payments tab, you're able to select your preference for a cancellation policy. Choose between flexible, moderate and strict policies for when a mentee has to cancel a session with you.

Good to know: This information is displayed on your Mentor profile, so a Mentee will be aware when they book.

Add Availability

Adding available time slots is a great way to get more bookings as a mentor.

A mentee will be able to request a session from your availability, or suggest a time if your available times don't work. As a mentor, you'll be responsible for accepting or declining a booking request.

1. Access your availability tab

From your personal dashboard, click the Availability tab on the left-hand side. This will bring you to your Mentorly calendar.

You can use the 'previous' or 'next' buttons to switch between weeks. Your timezone will be indicated in the upper left corner.

2. Add your available time slots

By clicking and dragging, create grey blocks that indicate your available time slots. To delete time slots, simply click on the x of the time slot you wish to delete.

Good to note: It's best to keep your Mentorly calendar up to date a few weeks at a time to ensure mentees can book with you!

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