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Here's how to add your availability as a mentor.

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Once you're fully onboarded, the next step is to add your availability manually or by syncing your calendar.

A mentee will be able to request a session from your availability, or suggest a time if your available times don't work. As a mentor, you'll be responsible for accepting or declining a booking request.

1. Access your availability tab

From your personal dashboard, click the Calendar tab on the left-hand side. This will bring you to your Mentorly calendar.

You can use the 'previous' or 'next' buttons to switch between weeks. Your timezone will be indicated in the upper left corner.

2. Adding and modifying your available time slots

When accessing the 'edit availabilities' feature, you gain the ability to effortlessly establish your availability by employing a simple click-and-drag method to create dedicated time slots. These designated blocks represent your indicated periods of availability.

Moreover, you have the flexibility to set any time slot as a recurring occurrence weekly! In edit mode, select the desired time slot and activate the 'repeat every week' toggle. Confirm your choice, and voila!

Should the need arise to remove a specific time slot, fret not! A quick solution awaits you – click on the corresponding time block and utilize the trash can icon. After refreshing your page, the deleted time slot will no longer be visible.

When you're done editing your availability, be sure to hit 'Done Editing'.

Good to note: It's best to keep your Mentorly calendar up to date a few weeks at a time to ensure mentees can book with you, knowing you are actually available!

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