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Conversation Prompts and Plan Features Explained
Conversation Prompts and Plan Features Explained
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We all know the incredible benefits of receiving mentorship - but we also know that sometimes people need an extra push to getting that mentorship.

That's why this month we're sharing some of our best conversation prompts so that you can share them with your program. We're also pulling back the curtains on every plan's features and limitations!

What are we waiting for? Let's get to it!

Help get the conversation started...

Whether your mentees are matched with a compatible mentor or your mentees are searching for mentors that suit their needs, they might not know where to start the conversation.

Seeking mentorship can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking - offering some guidance to your mentees (or mentors!) can help normalize the experience and make mentees feel more at ease or comfortable with booking a session with a mentor.

Conversation prompts are a great way to offer that guidance and help mentees engage with mentors. By selecting 2-3 on a biweekly basis and communicating that to your program, this can help boost engagement.

Here are a few helpful conversation prompts:

  • What was the career path that led you to your current position?

  • What values drive your actions?

  • What lessons have you learned from your successes and failures?

  • What are the most memorable mistakes you have made?

Want to send members of your program some conversation prompts?

It’s quick and easy - it should only take a few minutes of your time!

  1. From the program dashboard, go to your Messaging tab, click the New Message icon, and then select ‘Announcement’.

  2. Choose what members you’d like to send the announcement to - you can filter by mentees or mentors, specific sector/industry, or even tags!

  3. Once you have your intended audience, write an encouraging message to remind them to book and provide your preferred conversation prompts.

  4. Hit send!

Good to know: If a recipient of your announcement replies, it won’t start a group chat with the entire recipient list - their message will go directly to you!

Learn more about announcements here, and here are different tips on how mentees can make the most out of mentorship.

Plans and Features

At Mentorly, we have five types of plans that each have their own included features and limitations:
Teams, Teams +, Pro, Enterprise and Enterprise White Label.

If you feel like your mentorship program's success is being hindered by the type of plan you have - whether that be the amount of users or your matching questionnaire, it might be time to upgrade your plan!

The article Mentorly's Plans and Features outlines what features are included in each plan.

Interested in a listed feature that's out of your plan's reach?

No worries - we got you! Contact your MSA or the Mentorly Support Team and we'd be happy to provide a quote for the specific feature you want.

Want to talk more engagement strategies for your program?
Check out our last few month's engagement tips or contact your MSA to set up a meeting! We're here for your success.

Happy Mentorship! 💛

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