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This feature simplifies the onboarding process for mentors, and mentees, making it easier than ever to get them started with Mentorly. In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to utilize this updated feature.


Before you get started, make sure you have a CSV file prepared with the following parameters for each member:

  1. Email*: The email address of the member.

  2. Full Name*: The full name of the member.

  3. Is Mentor (Y/N): Specify 'Y' if the member is a mentor or 'N' if they are not.

  4. Cohort: The cohort to which the member belongs.

  5. Tag: Any relevant tags associated with the member (e.g., 'Marketing,' 'Engineering,' etc.).

  6. Preferred Language (EN/FR): Indicate the member's preferred language as 'EN' for English or 'FR' for French.

  7. Phone Number: The member's contact number.

  8. LinkedIn URL: If available, the member's LinkedIn profile URL.

  9. User ID: A unique identifier for the member within your organization.

  10. Role: Specify the member's role or position.

  11. Location: Provide the member's location, which can be a city or region.

  12. Sectors or Industries: Include the sectors or industries relevant to the member's expertise or interests.

  13. Areas of Expertise: List the specific areas in which the member is an expert.

  14. Skills: Mention any additional skills the member possesses.

  15. Website: If the member has a personal or professional website, add the URL here.

  16. Bio: Provide a brief biography or description of the member.

* Mandatory field

Steps to invite members can be found here

Inviting members via CSV is an efficient method that saves you time and ensures that your members can easily join your program.

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