1. Add a new calendar

When syncing an external calendar to Mentorly, it must be a completely brand-new calendar that is created specifically for your availability with Mentorly. It cannot be an existing calendar.

From your personal calendar, create and customize your Mentorly calendar - we recommend giving it a title such as 'Mentoring Availability' or something similar.

Here's how to create a new calendar with Outlook.

Good to know: Our calendar sync feature is currently only available with Outlook. Stay tuned for Google Calendar!

2. Add your events

On your new Mentoring calendar, begin adding blocks of time when you are available for a mentee to book with you.

These blocks of time that you create are for your availability and not for blocked-off time when you are busy.

Good to know: Each block of time must be created individually - any events that are set to 'recurring' or 'repeating' will not be synced through to Mentorly.

3. Connect your account on Mentorly

Log into your Mentorly account, head over to your Settings tab, and select Outlook to connect with.

Once selected, you will be redirected to Outlook to allow permissions for the connection.

4. Select your calendar

Once your external account is connected, simply select is as your preferred calendar service, and then select your Mentoring-specific calendar under Availabilities Calendar.

5. Verify your Calendar tab on Mentorly

To verify that your external calendar has been synced, head over to your Calendar tab to see your available times.

In the upper right corner, you'll see that your selected calendar is connected, and your blocks of availability will be displayed.

6. Keep your calendar up to date

The best way to stay available for potential mentorship sessions is to keep your availabilities up to date. Since your external calendar will be connected, you won't be able to manually add availability directly on Mentorly.

Simply head over to your external calendar and add the availability there - your Mentorly calendar will automatically update with any additions or modifications!

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