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Connect your external calendar!
Connect your external calendar!
Here's how to connect your external calendar, such as Outlook to your Mentorly availabilities. It will create a two-way automatic sync.
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Option #1- Sign in with Outlook

The easiest way to sync your Outlook Calendar is to sign in with Microsoft. Do this by clicking "social sign in" and choosing Microsoft. You will see a prompt to allow you to connect to your calendar. Agree to those terms, and you're all synced!

Option #2 - Sync Calendar from your dashboard

By following these steps:

🖱 Click on “Settings” in the bottom left-hand corner of their Mentorly dashboard.
✅ Click on “Account Connections”.
🎚 Toggle the switch for Microsoft and follow the prompts to authorize the connection.

Verify your Calendar tab on Mentorly

To verify that your external calendar has been synced, head over to your Calendar tab to see your available times.

It will pull all of the free times from your Outlook calendar, and once a mentee books with you (and you approve) it will automatically add the session to your Outlook Calendar.

Have any questions or need any assistance?

Not to worry, we’re here to help!

You can contact the Mentorly support team by going to the Help tab found on your personal dashboard and clicking Go to Live Chat.

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