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Mentorly's Plans and Features
Mentorly's Plans and Features

Not sure what's included with your Mentorly account's plan or looking to upgrade? Check this out to know what's included in your plan.

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Basic plan coverage:

Program & Portals: Have more than one program you'd like to run on the platform? We got you! This feature allows you to run different programs in one place seamlessly.

Program Manager Accounts: Running a program can be intimidating, so Mentorly gives you the option to invite other program managers to help you manage.

Users: Users are the roots of your mentorship program and they grow. No worries, reach out to us if you need more user space.

Mentorly Success Advisor (MSA): An MSA is here to set your program up for success. With engagement strategy meetings customized for your program, direct line of communication to the Mentorly support team, and dedication to the success of your program.

Program settings:

Custom Disciplines & Sub-disciplines: Mentorly allows you to customize the disciplines & sub-disciplines of your program.

Branded Email Header & Footer: In order for users to recognize your branding, we offer a base email template, that includes your brand color(s) and logo!

Custom Email Header & Footer: If you have an awesome Email Header & Footer design, let us integrate it for you.

Custom URL: An URL is unique to you! It is the home address of your program, so why not customize it?

Custom Email Content: There's no better way to connect and reflect your program values to your users than with your own words.

Custom Email Signature/No Mentorly Branding: Remove all Mentorly branding from e-mails to let users know you're the main character.

Matching questionnaire:

Removing Default Questions: Tailor the matching questionnaire to your program's needs by removing default questions that aren't pertinent to the program.

Modifying Default Answers: Tailor the matching questionnaire to your program's needs by changing the default answers for users.

Adding New Info Collection* Questions: If you have specific questions you'd like to add, no worries!

*Info Collection questions do not affect the matching algorithm. It collects information for the program manager.

Adding New Weighted Questions*: If you have specific questions you'd like to add, no worries!

*Weighted questions are included in the matching algorithm and will be added to the compatibility scores.

Matching Criteria (rules): You can create rules or filters for potential matching results based on answers.

Matching Results Export: Let's make it easy on you ! Download the smart matching results in just one click.


Onboarding training 1H live demo or recording: We offer an easy breezy onboarding experience by giving program managers a live demo. If you're on a busy schedule - no worries! We have a training video you'll have access to from anywhere and anytime.

HRIS Integration: Connect your preferred HRIS to easily move data and keep them in sync.

General Sign Up (Remove it for mentor/mentee or both): Programs can choose to remove the general sign up option for all users or remove it only for a specific user group. That way, members are only who is added by the Program Manager.
Ex: Removing general sign up option for mentors only.

Cohorts: Cohorts are a fantastic way to track data. You can also export the specific data collected from the cohorts.

Managing program:

Data report exports: Download reporting insights on bookings, members and more!

Feature requests: Have an awesome feature you'd like to implement for your program? Let us help you build it!

If you would like to expand your program with a feature, please reach out to us!

If you have a designated MSA, simply reach out to them via email.

If you do not have an MSA, contact the Mentorly support team by going to the Help tab found on your personal dashboard and clicking Go to Live Chat.

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