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Exciting News: Introducing Billing for Your Mentorship Programs! 🎉

With Billing, you can seamlessly charge mentees for their participation directly through your program manager portal, enabling you to monetize, and run profitable mentorship programs effortlessly.

Setting Up Billing 💰

➡️ Note: Billing is currently in beta, if you're interested please email, or reach out via chat, and we will enable it for you! We'd love to hear your feedback as you use it.

1. Accessing the Account Dashboard: Log in to your Program Manager dashboard using your credentials and click on the “Account” button. Then, navigate to the "Billing" tab to kickstart the setup process.

2. Configuring Stripe for Payments: Stripe will be your partner in managing the billing process. Click "Add Bank Account" to provide essential information including your email, phone number, business type, website URL, product descriptions, account details for earnings, and personal identification details for account verification.

3. Creating Products: A Product is the type of payment you'll use to charge your participants in your program. Once your Stripe account is set up, you can start creating products. In the 'Products' section of the dashboard, assign name of product, set prices, choose currency (USD or CAD), and determine billing frequency (one-time, monthly recurring, or yearly recurring) for each product.

Processing Payments 💸

1. Navigate to Member View: Locate the mentee in the 'Members' section of your dashboard and click on 'View Payment'.

💳 Note: now that you have Billing activated, your mentees will be asked to set up a Credit Card as part of their sign-up process.

2. Select Products and Process Payment: On the payment page, you'll see details of the mentee's associated products. Simply click on 'Process Payment' next to the relevant product to initiate billing.

Viewing Transaction History

After processing payments, you can easily track and manage transactions in your transaction history in our Stripe Dashboard. Gain insights into charged products categorized by type (one-time or recurring), empowering you to keep a clear record of your program's financials.

With our new Billing feature, managing payments for your mentorship programs has never been more convenient. Say goodbye to manual invoicing and tracking payments separately—experience seamless billing integration and elevate your program's profitability today!

Ready to get started? Head over to your Account Dashboard now and unlock the full potential of your mentorship programs with Billing! 🚀

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