Introducing 'Announcements', a new way to communicate with the members of your program!

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While managing your program, you're likely familiar with creating new conversations. These messages become an ongoing thread sent to all members in the conversation, and each member can reply in this thread - which is great for group discussions!

We're introducing a new feature, called announcements, which allows Program Managers to send read-only messages to a group of users.

This is a great way to keep your members engaged in the program, offer mentorship tips or session-conversation prompts. You can send attachments or any resource material you may have for your program, too!

Here's how to send an announcement:

Go to your Messaging tab from the Program Dashboard and click on the pencil icon.

This will open the new message screen, where you can choose between a new conversation or a new announcement.

By selecting a new announcement, if a member chooses to reply, their message will only be sent to and seen by you, the program manager.

Selecting recipients:

Choosing your group of members to start a conversation or send an announcement to just got a lot easier.

You can either choose to individually enter each member's name in the 'To:' field, or filter and bulk-select from the Members tab.

From the members tab, you're able to sort and combine filters by each mentor/mentee, cohorts, tags, status and more.

You can also use the checkboxes to select certain individuals from a given group of results. This way, you can easily curate the list of members that you need to communicate with.

Once you've selected your targeted audience, click on the drop-down menu of the number of selected members, and click 'send new message'.

Sending an announcement:

Choose between a new conversation or new announcement, compose your message and hit enter to send!

Good to know: You can change the title of the announcement at anytime, by clicking on the pencil icon beside the title.

Good to know: You can check the list of recipients by clicking on the cluster of icons in the top right corner of the message.

Have any questions or need any assistance?

Not to worry, we’re here to help!

If you have a designated MSA, simply reach out to them via email with any questions or concerns you may have.

If you do not have an MSA, contact the Mentorly support team by going to the Help tab found on your personal dashboard and clicking Go to Live Chat.

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